I have 15+ years of experience in digital product design and user research.

I’m currently working at The Economist where I am responsible for facilitating strategic, customer-centric decisions and delivering the most efficient and engaging experience to readers whilst ensuring that the key business objectives are met.


I lead user experience research programs, and use the insights I gather, combined with psychology principles and user experience best practices, to help organisations make strategy decisions and establish a clear vision for digital products. The research studies that I plan address both user behaviour and attitudes and use a wide variety of qualitative and qualitative methods to provide recommendations on product strategy. I find innovative ways to measure customer satisfaction and utilise customer feedback to identify clear set of improvement priorities. I help senior stakeholders to see the world as customers do and define positive, engaging and effective digital experience.


I connect the dots from business strategy to experience design and liaise extensively with both stakeholders and customers to help shape and define the requirements of projects. I evaluate and improve the digital processes of the customer journey and create a strategically designed experience that delivers measurable value to customers and to businesses.